I need a new mattress

Shortly after Lizze and I got married we bought a new Queen size mattress set from Value City furniture.  This turned out to be a huge mistake.

Within a few weeks, the mattress began falling apart, literally.

They came out twice to stitch it back together. We even bought the extra insurance but that turned out to be a mistake as well.

Shortly after it was fixed, Gavin spilled grape juice and stained the pillow top.  This shouldn’t have mattered because of the extra insurance. However, apparently there was a clause that said the stain had to be reported within something like 24 hours and we didn’t know, so we didn’t report it in time.

Because of the stain not being reported right away, the warranty has been voided.

Fast forward a few more years and the mattress is collapsing and very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Lizze and I have a really hard time falling asleep on the mattress because there is absolutely no support left.  In fact, the only way to get comfortable is to sleep corner to corner.

Because Lizze is so sleep deprived, I’m moving to the equally uncomfortable couch so that Lizze has a better chance of getting some rest.

I had planned on replacing it with tax return, this past January but the frigging van broke down and was then stolen.

I’m praying that I can replace it ASAP.

There are a lot of options out there,  Sleeping Guide has reviewed an organic bed called Avocado. I may consider this one!

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Be careful if you choose to go the memory foam route. A quick Google check will show you that a lot of people with migraines etc. can't tolerate the chemicals in memory foam. We purchased a topper for our bed a few months ago and the smell was so strong that both my daughter and I were miserable with headaches almost immediately. Even my husband who doesn't suffer from migraines found the smell offensive. We were shocked to find out that this is a common problem, and also not happy that since we had opened the topper it was not returnable to the store. Sadly our $150 mattress topper is rolled up in the garage – a very expensive mistake!


That's interesting. Couldn't you have juts returned it to the store though for money back or even store credit? Mine came with a 3 yr warranty since i wasn't sure if I'd like it.
(Also they make regular foam toppers too that aren't memory foam)


You could always try to resell it via ebay or something since you never got to use it. Sucks that you couldn't return it, my topper came with a 3 yr manufacturer warranty. We had a regular foam topper for a while before the memory foam one got on sale at walmart. Mine never had any weird scent and I'm very sensitive to smells, so maybe it was the brand?


You could always get a memory foam topper at least temporarily. They're like $40-50 at walmart and they make any uncomfortable bed feel really nice.


Rob, I can totally empathize with the mattress problems!  My mattress was 15 years old and braking apart.  The wooden pieces of the frame were falling out–the springs were escaping as well through the sides of the covering.  I was finally able to replace it when some unexpected money came our way.  The cheapest way for me to get a good quality one was to buy it from Sam's online store.  It is a 14" thick memory foam mattress with a stand (no box springs).  It arrived in a huge rectangular box and there were few instructions.  When we got it out of the box and assembled the stand, the directions showed pictures of the mattress being released from it bindings and being moved about by one person.  HA!  The mattress weighs over 80 lbs by itself and was so awkward that it was almost impossible to maneuver even with 4 of us trying.  We finally got it on the stand correctly and then began the next struggle–getting sheets on it.  None of them fit!  I finally gave up on fitted sheets and now use a flat sheet for a bottom sheet.  There is nowhere to tuck anything, so I just deal with everything being loose.  I was so exhausted from all of this that I decided to go straight to bed.  NEXT problem–memory foam beds a like flypaper–you get into one spot and you can't move!  I was stuck where I first lay down until one of the kids came and gave me a hand for leverage so I could get into a comfortable position.  I was still in that position in the morning because I couldn't roll over without more leverage.  I have learned to sleep on the side of the bed instead of anywhere near the middle.  This way I can use the dresser for leverage.  If there was a fire, I would never make it out because this mattress loves me so much that it won't turn me loose without a struggle!   I hope you get a new mattress soon, but be sure to find one like you want to get and try it out in a store before you buy it.  Learn from my struggles!


Have you tried looking at a site called freecycle?   &nbsp ;http://my.freecycle.org/  people list things they are giving away and you can put in a request for things you need.  I got a hp all in one printer for free for a very nice person on that site.  If there is a group in your area give it a try.