It’s tough to have your child scream at you :(

It’s been a really long and emotional day. This flare that Emmett’s enduring right now is really kicking his butt. 

He’s started biting his upper and lower lips today and so now he’s got these red sores that almost look like chapped lips but I’m not sure that’s what they are. 

Anyway, today has been spent trying to make him comfortable….

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Advil and numbing cream on his lips and Oragel for the sores in his mouth. Thankfully, it looks like he only has one so far but honestly, one is enough. 

I did get him to eat a little bit of Mac and Cheese but he really hasn’t been hungry today. 

It should go without saying that he’s been rather grumpy and by grumpy, I mean he screamed at me a lot. He was very easily annoyed by my questions today. Things like, can I make you something to eat or is there anything I can do to help you feel better.

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It’s tough to have your child scream at you when all you’re doing is trying to help them but it’s not his fault and frankly, he’s handling things well. I’d much rather have him screaming at me and not his brothers cause that would just create other problems.

Well, tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will be a little kinder to my sweet little Emmett.. 

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