I’ll just work a bit harder

I’ll just work a bit harder

Lizze and I talked to the boys about Perry the tortoise.  Yes, they renamed her Perry, because she doesn’t do anything. 

However, the conversation didn’t go well and ended with Elliott sobbing and hyperventilating. 

Maybe I’m weak. Perhaps even a bad parent.  I simply couldn’t do that to him. He has so much in his plate right now and I just can’t be responsible for adding more to his plate.


I can make this work its just going to be a bit more work for me but that’s okay. 

I’ll have to rebuild at least part of the table to dog-proof the thing. This just was on my ever growing list of things I have to accomplish.

As far as the potential health risks go, they are minimal, we didn’t check into that.  So long as we always wash our hands after handling Perry, the boys should be fine. 

I really hate situations like this, especially when dealing with more sensitive children.  There’s no winning, at least most of the time and by winning I mean everyone is happy.

I personally feel like Elliott’s already lost enough and just can’t take anymore.  Maybe he can and I’m handling this wrong but as his parents, it’s my call and I’ve made it. 

It really is a difficult situation to try and manage but manage it I must. 

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Have you considered getting a glass aquarium to keep the tortoise in?  Dogs usually can’t eat thru glass.  Try Craig’s list to find a used one.

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