#Autism can be exhausting and I’m devoid of energy anymore

#Autism can be exhausting and I’m devoid of energy anymore

Do you ever find yourself without any energy? Lately, I don’t have the energy to do much of anything.

One of the downsides to Gavin moving out is that fact that Lizze’s parents have their hands full with him and son the other boys never go anywhere and we no longer get a break.

This past week has caught up with me and I’m running in fumes.

Lizze has been pushing herself all day long, despite my many requests for her to rest.

She has gone through most of the laundry and trust me, that was a chore.

However, now she’s obliterated and literally cannot move.  She’s passed out on the couch from both pain and exhaustion. When she gets like this and does this much work, she’s usually down for a couple of days.

I fear that we have that to look forward to this week.

The boys want me to play with them and I just don’t have it today.  However, when you are a parent in general and especially when you are a parent to children with #Autism, you often don’t have the luxury of resting when you’re tired.

The show must go on.

I’m going to drag myself up those stairs and play whatever imaginative game my boys cook up.

Then I will fumble my way through cooking a healthy dinner, I’m thinking fish. However, that just seems like so much work. Having said that, baked Cod sounds pretty good.  The boys will eat fish sticks and have homemade banana ice cream for desert.

Part of me thinks or rather fears, that my depression is getting the better of me right now.

I need to find a better way of coping with stress.  Medication and therapy can only do so much.

Hark, the kids are calling.  I think we are going to play some forms of Super Mario Bros 2, with toys.  It should be fun and I’ll take some pictures.

Do you ever find yourself completely devoid of energy? How do you handle it?

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michelle trupiano

My son has 3 autistic boys and like you he and his wife are exhausted all of the time. Like you said, the show must go on. I too have suffered from depression at different points in my life and it can take over and reap havoc. It can take over your thoughts, your emotions, your concentration and drain your energy on top of everything else. I don’t have the answers either, but when I can find time for exercise, that tends to help me. Maybe you can find some form of exercise that you and the boys can do together. Keep praying, a solution will present itself.


@michelle trupiano thanks. I love to exercise, it’s just harder to do that when things are so chaotic.


Count the blessing you have had. I did not have any grandparents take my children and give me a break. Nor were there any angencies willing to assist me. Many parents are exhausted most of the time, it does not matter if your children are neuro typical or not, the will run you ragged many many days.Better they are healthy enough to exhaust you than not! These days will seem like the good ones when they are grown and off on their own, so savor them all!

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