A rough start to the day but it ends very differently 

I would have to say that overall, we had a pretty awesome day.  Sure, we got off to a rough start and we certainly had our fair share of meltdowns but I feel like we ended things on a high note. 

While the boys were gone, I got some writing done and Lizze was able to work on an art project she’s been working on.  

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We were able to have a quiet dinner before going for a nice walk at the park. Our goal was about 4 miles but as we were finishing up the first lap, we received word that our minions were on the way home.  

In a rare instance of absolutely perfect timing, we pulled up in front of the house, just as Lizze’s parents turned on to our street.  ☺ 

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The boys had a really good time and it was nice to see my in-laws.  

We all worked together to get a few things done around the house before dispensing bedtime meds and sending the boys off to dreamland..  

It was a pleasant evening and I’m grateful for the time Lizze and I had together.  I’m also grateful for how peacefully the boys slept.  ☺ 

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