The boys have left the building 

The boys are on their way to their grandparents house to spend the rest of the weekend. 

This will be a nice little break from constantly dealing with Gavin’s physical and mental health issues. I know that may sound harsh but truthfully, it’s really hard on us. It’s much harder on him but we still have to be able to function. 

With all the stress and , these semi-regular breaks help us to survive. 

I know that many don’t get these breaks and so we never, ever take these for granted.

Sharing this isn’t meant to flaunt anything. It’s just part of our story and it impacts us in a significant way. 

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  • Enjoy!!ye deserve it!!�

  • Thats nice that you guys have someone else who can help care for the boys and give you two a break! You deserve it! I have been following your blog for a few months now but would love to know more about the boys. How did you discover their autism?