Who’s looking for perfect? I’m not.

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Last night, Elliott and Emmett camped out in the giant tent inside Elliott’s room. Elliott even slept in the tent as well. 

The other night, Elliott wasn’t comfortable sleeping in the tent but he did well last night. 

It was so nice to see this type of togetherness between the boys.  We haven’t scene this type of thing for a long time.  As more time passes, since Gavin moved out, the boys are growing closer and closer. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. 

However, who’s looking for perfect? I know I’m not.

I’m looking for happy and the boys looked happy and peacefully sleeping.


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  • That’s a great idea. I’m sure stuff like that brings kids closer and stays in their memories for a long time, even if they seem like it’s not a big deal at the time.