#Autism’s Everyday Lessons: Perry’s redesigned home

Elliott, Emmett and I cleaned out and redesigned Perry the Tortoise’s habit this afternoon.  It was pretty successful and they each helped out in their own way. 

The boys are absolutely captivated by Perry and I like to take advantage of these moments for all they’re worth. 

We talked about why Perry needs things to be a certain way in his home.  We discussed how Perry eats and what kinds of things she eats. I explained why Perry needs the heat lamp and why,even though Perry is not an aquatic turtle, she still needs water. 

In a nutshell, I used their interest in Perry to expand their knowledge and teach them about new and exciting things. 

I like how they are learning responsibility and even some independence as they remember to feed Perry on their own.

One of the things I have learned as a parent to 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum is that there are so many opportunities to teach my kids things that they will need in life, using everyday experiences. 

I would highly recommend doing the same if you can.  My experience with Autistic children is that many times,  they learn much better when it’s a hands on lesson.  My boys thrive on this type of thing.

No only do I get to spend time with my boys, I also get to be a teacher to them as well. 




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Awesome!! Looks like you all had a great time.