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I was wondering if anyone else is struggling to find balance? I’m struggling to find balance in my life.  As a special needs parent, writer and husband, I’m constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. 

More often than not, I find myself of center and being unable to juggle all the things in my life. 


Considering how long I’ve been doing this, you’d think I would be better at it but I’m not. No matter how hard I try I’m still dropping the ball somewhere.  One would think that I’m doing a really good job and if a few balls hit the ground along the way, so be it. 

That’s a great point and I’d love to agree with you.  However, if one of the balls that hit the floor represents something truly important to someone in my life, how is that okay?

I wish to find a way to be more proficient at what I’m doing.  I wish to find some sort of balance, so that I can do better by everyone in my life, including myself.

How do you find balance in your life between all of your family obligations, of which there are many inappropriate special needs family,  and the rest of your life?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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In my life – I’ve dropped the ball and had to.  For my son’s life – I’ve had to.  Lost all friends, family, etc.  He is 18 now and when you think things cant get worse – they do.  Three years into cancer – my son has regressed to being worse than before we started all the therapy… no language – he is so medically fragile b/c he is always in pain… headache day in and day out – severe reflux – eating/sleeping issues beyond words… lost and tired… I get you. I get it.  I poke my thumb in leaks that have become emergencies when I can and there are days when I can’t.  I went from (LBK – life before kids) paying my bills on time, working full time, successful career (making top salary) to mom of three with autism fighting every system – first it was mh/mr, then iu, then school district, health insurance, therapists, etc etc… fired over 400+ people that have been in my house (therapists)… I never thought I would live to see them at 18.  Now I worry about being here for my Danny and who will take care of him when I pass.. that sits on my chest like a 200 lb brick every moment of every day/night.  I get it.  The only thing I can say is keep going – every minute – never stop – lick your wounds every now and again and let your emotions feel – but keep going.  If you stop – who on earth would do you job?  No one is as good as you at doing what you do for your own!!! NO ONE!


It is hard to find balance, still looking for ways to calm the roller coaster we are on all the time. I guess it has been enjoying the “little things” together that make ya feel good, even if it dosen’t last but a minute… One day at a time without worrying yourself into a hole, which latley seems to be my speciality.