Today’s #Autism Fact: 07/24/2013

One of my goals for this site is to help spread accurate Autism Awareness.  This involves sharing information about Autism that is not based on opinion or stereotype.

Today’s Autism fact is one that I feel is extremely important and very commonly ignored.

Autism affects roughly 2,000,000 people in the United States alone.  Each one of those people touched by Autism, it’s impacted in a different way.  Simply because two people share the same diagnosis, doesn’t mean they share all the same symptoms and characteristics.

Every person with Autism has their own personality and unique state of being. 

Assuming that everyone with Autism is the same is completely erroneous.  Each person is unique and  very likely has unique needs. 

It’s best to recognize every person with Autism as a unique individual and get to know them for who they are.  While there are often commonalities amongst people with Autism, Autism by its very nature is a spectrum disorder, meaning everyone has the potential to be affected differently. 


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ME: I’m autistic.
OTHER PERSON: If you’re autistic, how can you talk and read books and drive a car and stuff?
ME: *sighs* I’m high-functioning autistic. Not all autistic people are helpless walking vegetables you know.