Do you dread parent teacher conferences?

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I had to be at Summit Academy this morning at 9:00 am to meet with Elliott’s teachers for conferences.

Elliott’s teachers couldn’t say enough positive things about him. 

He’s excelling in academics and socially as well.  To quote his teacher, “Elliott just blows my mind”.


That said, they do have some concerns.  He’s incredibly anxious and worries all the time. He also is lacking confidence in the sense that he doesn’t believe in himself. Hearing this was not a surprise as we see the same things at home. 

They are going to continue working with him on these things and we will do the same at home. 

I’m so proud of my little man. 

He’s doing so awesome and as a parent, I loved hearing all these amazing things about my son.

There have been times when I just don’t want to go to conferences because I don’t want to hear how bad things were.  This was with Gavin but it still carries over.

Anyway, great job Elliott.  Daddy is so very proud of you.  Keep up the amazing work.  🙂

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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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@Charyss Thank you 😉

Tiger Father

Love it. Love parent-teacher meetings here in China. I asked my Grade 1 girl's Chinese teacher whether my daughter might be in too hard a class. She said no. Very next day my girl came home with a gold star for Chinese. And the next day. And the next eight days after that. 🙂 #keepthoseparentshappy


@Tiger Father That's great. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Great job Elliot!!