To all my special needs parents……

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When you see these pictures, can you see what I see?



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  • rmagliozzi says:

    Aww. Him and Lizzy look so cute together. You need to frame that photo, regardless of sensory issues or not.

  • KathrynRogers says:

    I see mom protecting her child, even in her sleep.

  • graysmama says:

    I see what I saw today with my 2 year old who has sensory processing disorder and according to his doctor earlier this week likely high functioning autism. Overwhelmed by all the sensation and craving the deep pressure from a cuddle and his weighted blanket

  • Suz says:

    Sensory overload and shut down. However I also see hope that it's not all that bad, despite a big day he is still wearing clothes, socks and shoes and seeking cuddles.

  • MikeNYvetteKennedy says:

    I forgot Exhaustion physically, mentally & emotionally.

  • MikeNYvetteKennedy says:

    I'm not a special needs parent, but I still see Pain.  Misery.  Sadness.  Hurting physically, mentally and emotionally.