The Leap of Faith: We’ve arrived at the @ClevelandClinic for Lizze’s intake evaluation

Lizze and I arrived and the Cleveland Clinic asked few minutes ago. She’s filling out paperwork and I’m be supportive and trying to pass the time. 

Lizze and I are really long conversation on the way up here this morning.  We discussed many things, ranging from Elliott,  Gavin and Emmett to this whole thing with pain rehabilitation.

Lizze is really nervous about trusting this whole thing

For that reason,  I have decided to call this new journey we are about to embark on, The Leap of Faith. The reason for that is pretty straight forward.  Lizze is taking good a huge leap of faith by trusting the new doctors and in a process that she is unfamiliar with. 

Being off her medications scares her to death, and they plan on doing just that. 

This is by every stretch of the words, a leap of faith.

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Any change is scary, for sure.  We'll all be hoping it works out and sending strength to Lizze to make this leap.  Imagine if she could have her life back!  And how much better for the boys, as well.   You are right to do whatever you can do to make it work — and for your family to invest their help now so that you will be more independent later.   Your sister could make a lasting difference in your lives by doing the driving — what a huge gift that would be to you all.