All I can do is pick myself back up and keep moving forward

I’m a little nervous about today and not just because it’s a Monday and Mondays and I just don’t always get along. 

I have a doctor’s appointment..

It’s not a big deal, as it’s just a follow up but I’m nervous for a couple of reasons. 

This is my first check up since starting my cholesterol medication and I don’t know what my numbers are now. 


I’m also nervous because I haven’t lost much or frankly, any weight, since my last checkup.  🙁
The last 6 months haven’t been the best 6 months of my life and for awhile there, I may have just sorta stopped caring about myself. 

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I went through a dark period after my wife left and between that, getting run ragged by the kids and a stark lack of personal discipline, it wasn’t a good time for meeting my weight-loss goals.

I’m doing much better now and while life is still a work in progress, I’m getting my footing. 

The boys and I are figuring things out and I’m striking a better balance.  Finding balance has been difficult until recently. 

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So yes, I’m nervous to face my doctor without any progress to show.  She’s not going to yell at me but going there is going to make my failures more real to me.

Anyway, I own this and therefore won’t hide from it.  All I can do is pick myself back up and keep moving forward. 

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