Whats wrong with this picture?

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Last night I went to check on Elliott before go to bed.  This is what I found.  Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Let me give you a clue.  It’s not so much what’s wrong but what’s missing.

When I went to tuck my 6 year old son Elliott, this is what I found.  What’s missing? That’s simple, Elliott. In Elliott‘s place was Emmett’s dog Bella

Apparently, she had kicked Elliott out of his own bed last night

Bella is one of those dogs that likes to really snuggle.  Sometimes she doesn‘t realize that she takes you so much room.  She means well but is struggling with boundaries. Ironically, that may need why she fits in so well.  🙂


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  • KatMoody says:

    Love this – our Rogue does this all the time to the boys!

  • Melisssssa says:

    When you ask "what's wrong with this picture" being from Michigan, the Ohio State pillow there was my first thought! 😛