Do you ever feel like a really really bad parent?

There are times where I truly feel like I’m doing an amazing job with my kids, especially considering everything. 

Then there are times where I feel like the worst parent on the planet. 

It’s really easy to lose focus and sorta get chewed up by darker unpleasantness in life. 

I tend to feel this way when I’m really overwhelmed by things or haven’t slept well in awhile. 

I was wondering if anyone else out there ever feels like a really really bad parent sometimes?


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  • Polinesi Lorena

    yes! everyday , like everything …:/ ups & downs !!!

  • Marisa Koski

    Every single day U0001f601

  • Erin Sheedy-Heenan

    Every day! Guilt usually wins.

  • Cassandra Stone Boland

    yep when my kids eat popcorn and pretzels for breakfast! LOL!

  • Rosie Bishop Dreyling

    I think every parent feels like they are a bad parent at least some times. It comes with the job.

  • DaddyisBest

    whynotfathers The_Autism_Dad me too, every day

  • The Autism Dad

    Great shares everyone

  • Mindy Boelter

    Every single day… I have to stop myself or I’ll drive myself crazy counting my failures… Especially without sleep and during the when I can do nothing to help. You are not alone

  • Leigh Ann Reid

    Pretty much every day.