How do you handle the Christmas Holiday with your #Autistic child -

How do you handle the Christmas Holiday with your #Autistic child

I try to have this discussion every year about this time.  I personally enjoy and actually learn quite a bit about how your family handles the Christmas Holiday.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, I realize that.  The question is basically, how do you handle the holiday season? This tends to be a very overstimulating time of year for many kids and adults only the #Autism spectrum.


It would be great if we could share some tips or tricks on how you minimize the holiday stress for your child on the sectrum.

In the comments below, please share with us, how you handle the Christmas/Holiday season? How do you make it easier for your child with #Autism? How does your child on the spectrum respond to all the bright light, noise and chaos of said holiday season?

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I am hoping that this Christmas will be easier as my son is now 4 but we are already seeing anxiety creeping in. My son finds Christmas too much, the lights, crowds, music and especially Santa. Unfortunately now his 4 everyone expects him to understand and like Santa so I predicta long season. We are trying to keep home a neutral Christian theme with minimal decoration or music and we avoid shops this month or keep trips quick with lots of supports.


we have 3 grandson in the Autism Spectrum.. all are different, Hunter (10) is one we cannot take shopping. Loud noises, lights, all the fast pace does not suit him well. Ethan (11) we can take him shopping but only for short trips. Ty (18) as really come a long way with therapy, he likes to shop, okay with lights, but not with a noise for long period of time. For our family get together, they all have adjusted to having family around. Strangers in the mix, they ten to talk loud or will go and sit someplace quiet.
I think it depends on how their day started, like if the alarm didn't go off and late for school, or forgetting lunch money, pretty much disrupts their whole day. It just takes one simple thing to go wacky and turns into a unpleasant day.


My son is 4 and so far there hasn't been an issue. He was eager to help decorate the tree, certainly enjoys opening presents (although we have to keep them hidden until it's actually time to open) and has always been attracted to music.I don't know if he understands what's happening (but then again, I'm not sure his twin does either). They both just seem to take it all in stride.


My son has always been fascinated with twinklely lights so that's never been a problem.  He is going to be six next week but has no concept of what Christmas or Santa is.  So it's sad for me that he probably doesn't understand what's going on, but he's happy, so I guess that's what's important. :)We don't have family near us so there's never that big get together with people so we don't have that issue either.

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