Recommended android apps for kids with #autism -

Recommended android apps for kids with #autism


I thought I would help you fill that shiny new android tablet you just got with some amazing apps. Below you will find a list of educational apps, all of which I have personally played with my own kids. These are all created by a company called Intellijoy.

Intellijoy is the #1 developer of educational apps on the entire Google Play Store, and for good reason. 

Every one of these apps will work fantastically on the highly recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Check out the extensive list below and click on the app title, located beneath each icon, for a direct link to the install button located on the Google Play Store. Please note that there are both paid and free versions of these apps.

This gives you the ability to play before you buy. My kids love these apps and they have become staples on all of our devices. 🙂

I hope this helps. Enjoy and please leave your feedback below.

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I will let my collegue know about these apps as they have a child with cerebral palsy. I am  waiting for more information.


The android apps for autism work very well both for the people with autism and also those with communication problems.

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I think this type of apps can stimulate the sensory verves of the Autism kids which will help them in learning , commutation with others and enhance their development. More apps will be developed such kids helping apps. I really appreciate the developers who built the apps for children with Aurtism. To get such type of apps


We have a son who loves the app Autism myVoice on android. Very easy to use and helps him communicate. Which for us is wonderful.


@Nicolet thanks for sharing 🙂

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