Elliott’s dealing with frequent hesdaches

Poor Elliott is fighting off another headache. He’s been getting these more and more frequently. Lizze has a long sorted history with headaches/migraines, so it’s not too surprising that Elliott is as well. 

The difference is that nothing helps Lizze’s migraines because they are believed to neurovascular in nature. 

Elliott seems to respond well to Advil. 

I’m not sure what’s bringing these things on for him, but not drinking enough water is pretty high on the list of possible causes. A good thing to come out of this is that Elliott’s becoming more aware of what not drinking enough water can do, and he’s drinking water more regularly. 

In what could be an unrelated note, Elliott’s also running a low-grade fever as well. Perhaps the two are connected? 

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Either way, he wants to go walking, but I’m having him lay down for a bit before we consider doing that. If he’s feeling better, the light exercise might do him some good.