What a difference a plate makes

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Emmett is by nature, a very picky eater. We are always looking for new ways to encourage healthier eating habits or in some cases, eating period.

While at Walmart yesterday, Emmett discovered these $. 99 plastic plates and wanted to get one for him and Elliott.

We thought, what the heck.

As you can see, he’s utilizing it well.  He has an apple, frosted mini-wheats and some Angry Bird Graham crackers.

He’s happy and at least for now, eating better……..

I’d say that it was well worth the $2.00 we spent on it yesterday.  🙂


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  • JenniferWhynott says:

    Hey we have those. The sad part is that I use them and I am an adult. My mother God bless her found me three corelle divided plates. I also saved 4 divided plates from when my kiddos were babies. All this to say that I know the “magic of a divided plate with a picky eater household. You may want to stock up on them for future use

  • MicheleChaney says:

    Awesome~it keeps his food separate and in no danger of contamination…lol. 🙂