Today's #Autism Victory: Getting along...for more than 5 minutes -

Today’s #Autism Victory: Getting along…for more than 5 minutes

After meeting with Dr. Patti tonight, the boys were actually getting along.  It wasn’t perfect but it was definitely something that falls into the category of getting along

Lizze found this Christmas advent calendar game in the Google Play Store. Basically, a new game opens everyday as it counts down to Christmas.

For a good 20 or 30 minutes tonight, the boys snuggled together on the couch taking turns with Lizze‘s phablet.

I was really nice to watch because for once, they were getting along together for more than 5 minutes.

In my book, that’s a really big victory. 🙂



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Children with Autism often feels alone, becasue they can not cooperate with other children.
These children are slower than other children, becasue they take more time in learning the things, but it does not mean that they can not cooperate at all. Experts says that with continuous efforts and care their condition can be improved.


YAY! Im happy for you! Its been tough lately for you guys so this is huge! I hope you made a big stink of their positive sharing and behavior. You have a picture of PROOF to show them 🙂 Sincerely glad to hear such heartwarming news.

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