The bands back together

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Today is Gavin‘s first day back. So far so good.  We actually have all three boys home today because the school is going on a field trip to the roller rink.

Because of how poorly Gavin‘s body coped with the martial arts promotion, roller skating had to be out of the question. It sucks but it’s just not worth the risk right now.

Elliott didn’t want to go roller skating so we kept him home as well. 

Lizze and I kinda had to laugh because one would think that roller skating would be very difficult for kids who tend to struggle with coordination already. That’s the case with my boys anyways.

Elliott did push through his fear yesterday and went through with martial arts promotion and even broke a board with his fist.  I’m so proud of him. He also has decided to go forward with the Christmas show as well. 

We had no problems letting him skip the roller skating.  A big part of the reason he didn’t want to go was because Gavin couldn’t go.  He wanted to stay home and support his big brother.  I’m okay with that as well.  🙂

I’m going to spend today putting together a very ridged schedule, so Gavin is more or less contained inside a time block and is basically occupied.

I’m also going to focus heavily on the Martial Arts Creed that Gavin must follow as a person practicing the Martial Arts.

Below is a picture of the Martial Arts Creed.  I think it pretty much covers all the bases.  If he stays focused on that, we should do pretty well, hopefully anyway.

On a positive but unrelated note.  My blog is online today.  Blue host seems to have fixed the server issues from yesterday.  Hopefully, they can keep things online going forward…..


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