Promotion 2012

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Gavin received his martial arts promotion the other day.  I meant to post this on Tuesday but Gavin ended up in the hospital and subsequently moving home

Basically, I had other things on my plate and never got around to it. 

Gavin did awesome as did Elliott.  Unfortunately, I was at the hospital with Gavin and missed Elliott‘s promotion but my parents took pictures and when I get them, I’ll share them.

Here is a collage of pictures from Gavin‘s promotion on Tuesday.  Please feel free to congratulate him, I know he’ll appreciate it. 

Please leave only positive feedback.  🙂


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  • kathyakaNonnie says:

    Congrats Gavin, I sure hope your proud of your acomplishments, I am very impressed as well as proud.

  • MeaghanGood says:

    Congratulations Gavin, you look great.

  • Charyss says:

    Great job Gavin, what belt are you up to?

  • Melisssssa says:

    Congrats to Gavin on his promotion! 🙂