At the @clevelandclinic Neurological Center for Pain hoping for a miracle

Lizze and I have safely arrived at the Cleveland Clinic’s, Neurological Center for Pain. She really scared that they won’t be able to help her. She hasn’t been in – nor does she want to go on pain medication. She want the pain to stop, not just be masked.

We are hoping that she can try a medication called Aimovig. It came out earlier this year and is the very first medication designed specifically for migraines. It’s not a medication for something else that used offlable to treat migraines.

It’s supposed to be a big deal and we’re hoping she can try it.

She’s had the same migraine for close to 7 years now. It never goes away and it only slightly lessens or gets worse. She’s desperate for relief and she deserves relief. No one should have to live in pain.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today.

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  • Pony says:

    Have you tried cannabis?