Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence -

Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook Elementary and all the other horrible tragedies involving gun violence, I completely support this message. I realize that in United States, we have a right to bare arms. However, something very clearly has to give. Sandy Hook

We have to find a way to address this problem and keep our children safe. Personally, I willing to accept tighter restrictions or whatever is necessary in order to keep our children safe from gun violence.

Having said that, we also must realize that guns are not the only problem.

There is always a person that pulls the trigger. Even if we remove guns, won’t that deranged person find another way to inflict violence? We need a dynamic plan that will address this from as many angles as possible.

I don’t have the answers but I do know that something must be done to end gun violence. No more waiting. No more deaths. No more loss.

Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence



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First Lee

See, the thing is, other methods killing people either take a bit to create on your own (bombs, for example), therefore people have time to notice and also proving intent to kill, or they simply aren't very efficient.


I wish that the Constitution gave us a right to bare arms. Even the religious right wouldn't object much to people walking around sleeveless.

(I know it was autocorrect the changed bear arms to bare arms. It made me smile nonetheless).

chris crane

First we must teach our kids,that life is sacred ,that violence is not entertainment , and death is final. And we need to put police officers at every school. We accept that our banks,grocery stores,stadiums, airports are protected by police ,Why not our kids,?And I am sorry, It is a pet-peeve of mine ,Celebreties that come out ,telling us about our lives ,when they have around the clock body guards (with guns) for them and their kids,live in gated community's (that are guarded by people with guns) Say they want gun control,but make movies and music promoting and glorifying violence ,drug use,gangs etc. They are such hypocrites ! They make their money promoting the very things that are destroying our country .I for one ,will not buy or go anything these people have to offer, I vote with my money. My kids are not exposed either, My kids know terrible things happen in this world ,(they know about the school shooting and watched the news) but is in never for entertainment,(We prayed for the kids and the teachers (The real Hero's of this world ) and their families, And then we went and worked at a food pantry(at our church) and packed boxes for families ,You must teach kids about empathy,that you have to give back ,think of others .This does not just happen ,when terrible things happen,stop ,pause ,reflect ,show your kids that lives (even if you don't know them ,matter ) WE all matter,regardless of money or race,or disability . This needs to be shown to them by us,their parents ,and maybe ,we might be able to change things for the better. Until you change the heart,until you stop promoting violence ,it won't matter if you take the guns,


Sadly, if the problem isn't guns, it'll be knives or something else. Murderers will always find a way to get what they want. The same day that the tragedy happened at Sandy Hook, someone knifed down students in a school at China.


That's true but the number of people killed in that knife attack in China was zero. Guns are a very easy and efficient way to kill people.

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