Sam and Dean need a home

Sam and Dean need a home

I mentioned in a post the other day that Sam and Dean need a new home. The are amazing kittens and are beautiful pure bred, chocolate seal point Siamese.

The reason we are looking for new homes, preferably home, is because they don’t do well with the dogs.

They basically live in the basement and are afraid to come upstairs and they’ve been here a few weeks.

We don’t want that for them and so we are trying to find them a more comfortable home. To make the rehoming process easier, Banfield Animal Hospital has graciously donated one year of well visits for each cat.

This will cover shots and things like that.
It won’t cover getting them fixed or declawed but it’s still a big cost saver and a very nice gesture….

I’m sad to see them go because while I’m not a car person, I absolutely love Siamese cats.

If you’re interested and are local to Canton, Ohio, shoot me a message via my contact me page and I’ll get back to you.


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Im so sad to read about this on a few levels. First I think of the boys, another loss? I know you said they were ok with it, but still its another adjustment, and its easy to say, much different once they are gone.
I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. Not all "get along" but they have developed their own strategies on how to co exist. A few stay on their own level in our house.
Id love for you to re consider giving them away, but I know you have to do whats best for you. It does take some patience and a bit of effort to try and work with all of them to try and lessen the kayoss, but Im telling you this because, it can work.

E (The Third Glance)

How's Elliott taking this? The poor kitties! Good luck


Elliott's fine. Elliott and Emmett each rescued a much younger kitten and they are all adjusted to the dogs already. The manager at Banfield Animal Hospital is helping us adopt them out. πŸ™‚

E (The Third Glance)

so glad to hear it. I get very attached to my cats, and losing one would make me very very sad. Glad to hear that the boys are enjoying the cuddles of some new kitties who were in need of a home!


Thanks for caring. πŸ™‚

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