Everyone likes Chutes and Ladders right? Wrong!!!!

Everyone likes Chutes and Ladders right? Wrong!!!!

Christmas day was going so well. Gavin was playing in his room because he wanted to be alone. Elliott and Emmett were playing together with Play Doh. 

All was well…..

Then of course,  Daddy in his infinite wisdom brought out the game Chutes and Ladders.    I thought, who doesn’t like Chutes and Ladders?

Well,  I’ll tell you who doesn’t like Chutes and Ladders.  It’s the kid that hits the chute and basically has to start all over again. In this case,  Elliott. 

Elliott was doing really well and seemed to catch every ladder all the way to the top.  Then, he hit the big chute on square 87 and slid all the way back down. Elliott didn’t like that very much.  He broke down in tears and ran off sobbing to the couch. 

Lizze talked to him and Emmett and I finished the game.

When Elliott got upset and left, Emmett looked at me and said “Daddy, it’s okay to lose sometimes, right?I said absolutely Emmett. 

Little did I know that Emmett would be tested as I hit square 28 and sailed away to an early victory.  Emmett just kept right on going.  He didn’t get upset and really enjoyed finishing the game. 

Emmett wants to play again after lunch and Elliott has sworn never to play Chutes and Ladders again.

I just love the holidays…….


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Sadly kids these days want a little more than “chutes and ladders” (I only just found out today that it’s only called Snakes and Ladders here in the UK!) Maybe it is was a I-Pad app there would have been more interest. ladders_online


it’s worse than Candy Land.  Hate that game.  I’m with Elliot on this one.  😉


It still amazes me that games like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland and Monopoly (my childhood games) are still around….tried to get the grandkids interested but some of them are hung up on their electronics….


I have always found that Chutes and Ladders is the perfect analogy for my life!! This last year, it was the the big stinkin' slide…and I didn't think we would ever reach the bottom…until we did. And, Lord, it is a long climb back up! I feel your pain, Elliott!


I'll let him know he's not the only one. 🙂

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