My son with #Autism and #FragileHealth is back at the @ClevelandClinic today -

My son with #Autism and #FragileHealth is back at the @ClevelandClinic today

The boys got off to school okay. Emmett had another rough start, but he got through it. Lizze and I are left a bit frazzled, but he was feeling better when he walked into the school.😀

We have a day of driving ahead of us. Gavin has to be at the Cleveland Clinic for a visit with his neurologist.

It’s one of those frustrating appointments, only because it will be a 3-hour drive for a 15-minute consult. His doctor is fantastic, and it’s essential that we get him there. It’s just a lot of driving in a car that’s not doing well.

Anyway, with any luck, well be back in time to get the boys from school. If we’re not, Lizze’s Mom will grab them for us, and we’ll pick them up on the way home.

Hopefully, traffic will treat us kindly, and we can get this done without a hiccup.

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