IdolPad 9 android tablet giveaway #1

IdolPad 9 android tablet giveaway #1

Lost and Tired is proud to work with Idolian, in conjunction with to do this android tablet giveaway. This is the first of three giveaways the will be taking place in January of 2013. This particular giveaway will begin in December and end in January.

I wanted to make sure I told you to check out Idolian’s website because they have tons of great tech for a reasonable price.

Now let’s get to the details.

This giveaway is for one (1) IdolPad 9 android tablet. This is the 1st of three tablet giveaways in the next few weeks.

The IdolPad 9 is a 9 inch tablet powered by android 4.0 (ICS) from Google. Below are some specs for you to check out and get a better idea of what this tablet is.20121226_154451. _wm

9 inch TFT-LCD screen, 800 x 480 (16:9)
Capacitive 5 Points Multi-touch
Cortex A8
System Speed: up to 1.2 GHz
Built-in 8GB
External Micro-SD card supported, from 512MB to 32GB
System Google Android 4.0 OS
Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi Module, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
Network 3G: Support external 3G USB Dongle.
Camera Front camera: 0.3 Mega
Games G-Sensor 3D games supported
Video 1,080P videos supported
Standard Accessories: Charger, earphone, user manual, Battery 4,500 mAh (work time: 7 ~ 9 hours)
USB cable, OTG cable and Gift Box. Other Functions

My personal experience with the IdolPad 9

I’ve had a couple of weeks to get to know this device. Basically, this is an entry level android tablet. This particular device is not meant to be an iPad killer by any means.

Entry level tablet means that this is a great tablet for anyone looking to get their feet wet and experience an android tablet at a very, very affordable price.

My kids have been playing with this tablet for a couple of weeks now and it’s worked out pretty well for them.

We have used this device to stream Netflix and watch ripped DVD’s from our personal collection. The IdolPad 9 handles these tasks with relative ease and efficiency. The boys have also played their educational games by Intellijoy as well as enjoys games like Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Where’s My Perry and Sprinkle. 20121221_161034. _wm

The resolution is 800×600, which is pretty low, especially when compared to the iPad or more advanced android tablets. However, what may seem like a weakness actually works out well, especially for younger kids. The 800×600 resolution makes the icons larger and easier to use for kids, especially those on the #autism spectrum.

My kids really like using this tablet and have benefited from their time with it. My hope is that your child will too. 🙂

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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As a retired teacher (of autistic children) who has never used a tablet, I’d love to experiment with one… would make 2013 for me !!


As a retired teacher who has never usd a tablet, I’d love to experiment with one…..itt would make 2013 for me !!


A tablet would be awesome for this aspiring med student! Instead of carrying a 40-pound bag, I could have my textbooks on the tablet and carry other important things that I cannot afford as a student in NYC – aka homepacked food! Thank you for the giveaway!!


I would use it for educational purposes! =)

Brianne Lynn

I would give this to my son who is on the spectrum.

katie t

I would give it to my son.


I think this giveaway would be awesome for my little brother!


I would use it in so many ways.. 😀 As a note-taking device, as a gaming device, and also as a music instrument! 😉


I would give it to my brother 😀


This is such an awesome giveaway, and one that would greatly benefit my sweet girl. Thank you Rob!


I’m a student nurse and will be graduating next year.  As a nurse, it would be a great help to have an IdolPad9 with me.  I can use this android tablet to help me interact with my patients especially those who are having difficulty in communicating. Another use of this very beautiful tablet is for entertainment during break time. Not only that, I can study nursing concepts with this. So how’s that as a great gift for me. I hope I’d be able to have this one. Thank you very much.


This would be great for my grandson!!

Darla M

My nephew has autism and mom’s been laid off. He likes using the computer at my house. He could use this to watch his favorite videos at home and during outings and we could also use the Idolpad for educational apps. I would like to see how he responds with a simple, affordable tablet. She thinks he needs an Ipad but I think an Android can be a great starting point.


My 2 sons on the Autism Spectrum would LOVE using it! I think they could have a great time and use it as a learning tool. Fingers crossed for them!

Diana C

My husband would create useful apps on it.
Diana C


I could finally have an Instagram!


Well, I know this is totally self serving, BUT I would give the tablet to my husband to keep him from using mine or the kids tablets.  Nothing is more annoying than a husband who can’t leave your tablet alone when you are driving to an IEP meeting (of course, he just plays Bejeweled or Where’s my Perry)


I would use it for blogging on the go. I have a laptop but a tablet would be a bit more portable while on the go.
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Jude Would love this Tablet in the house!


My 4yo daughter is profoundly disabled and would hopefully be able to communicate basic needs with a tablet.


This would be great for Abbi. They were not kidding when they said "Music Soothes the Savage Beast." The best part is that I would not have to be as tech savy as you Rob. 🙂 Abbi loves to be read to or hear music all the time. I am already reading 5-10 books every night. This tablet could at least bring joy to Abbi and rest to my vocal chords. Plus it would be awesome if there were some type of game for a blind child that involved just the other senses….mainly hearing and "touch"ing the screen.
Abbi taught herself echolocation when she started walking….so an app where I could put the tablet somewhere and Abbi had to "track" it down with sounds and clues would be awesome.


For my austic daughter to use help her with language spelling writing


My autistic daughter this can help her in speech spelling writing


i'd use this to help manage our business while away from home

Amy T.

I run a loan device library as a resource to local parents and educators of special needs children- we have an IPad for it but parents often have access to/ can only afford android devices and need to know about apps for Android that I could load on to the IdolPad 9 since it has ICS as the OS!-, would love to have this available to parents with some educational and assistive apps on it- Android does not have the vast number of apps iPad does, but I am aware of many apps appropriate for special needs that I could load on it such as apps for communication, for visual schedules, time management, academic help, speech and langauge, fine motor skills… Etc, and i know it would be a help! Thanks for the chance!
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Thanks for letting me have a chance to win this. I am a single Mom with 3 special needs children I would love to have one of these sp I can use it for their homeschooling. My daughter has autism and needs apps to help her with her social and sensory skills. But whom ever wins GOOD LUCK!!!!


my son would use this as an ereader


My son could really use a tablet like this to help him in so many ways. Mason is a child with multiple diagnosies, his autism being the easiest to handle right this minute and his seizure disorder the hardest. Due to monetary issues we can not afford one for him, but i love seeing his facial expression when he plays on a friends.


For the educational apps, especially speech for my oldest son.

mindy allen

For my twins!! One with autism, one with ADHD. Both have learning challenges, but love to use devices at school!!


I would use it for my 2 year old non-verbal child/


I would love to have something like this for Danny! He's always wanting to get on the computers, and the Xbox – if he had is own table it would be awesome!!!
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Julie wing

For my autistic son.


for my autistic son to use

Jennifer Irving

One of my sons especially struggles with spelling, so I would love to get some spelling apps to help him out. The other has problems reading people's facial expressions, so would love an app to help him with that.