Operation Hope: Gavin leaves today

Operation Hope: Gavin leaves today

At some point today, Gavin will be moving back into his grandparents house. He been home just over a week and that was to much.

Thankfully, Lizze’s parents welcome him with open arms.

If that weren’t the case, I don’t know what we would do. While it was nice to have our family back together in theory, in practice it just doesn’t work.  At least not right now. 

The goal is still to get him into residential treatment so he can learn how to more appropriately interact with those around him. 

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How are you handling the decision to put Gavin in a residential facility? We have trouble with our health and have talked about putting our daughter in one when shes older if we cant physically handle her. It breaks our hearts to think about it but we know it could be a possibility in the future.


@JrjKmj truthfully, not very well. The reason for residential is so that he can get the help he needs to hopefully reenter the world. This is temporary placement.


@lostandtired  @JrjKmj We dont want to put her in one but we are scared that when shes older it wont be a temporary placement but more of a permanent plan for her. But as any parent would know it will be a VERY LAST resort. 🙁


@think_inclusive @Lost_and_Tired Can’t get this to open…

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