Gavin is leaving for his grandparents tonight

Gavin is leaving for his grandparents tonight

Gavin will be moving back in with his grandparents tonight.  Christmas break is over now and school resumes on Monday. 

Gavin has been very well behaved for the most part but he was only here for a short time.  He can do pretty well over a shorter period of time but struggles after a while. 

I’m grateful that things weren’t any worse than they were. 

At our wraparound meeting yesterday, it was brought up that Elliott is paying a very high price for everything going on with Gavin.

Gavin’s behavioral problems have


resulted in both Elliott, Emmett and Lizze being traumatized over the years. 

The simple fact that he’s in the house is enough to trigger Lizze’s PTSD and send Elliott and Emmett into overload.  Even though Gavin was well behaved and quite helpful over break, everyone is still scared of him and we’re terrified of setting him off. 

There is no way at this point in time to integrate Gavin back into our home long term.  There is too much damage that has been done and we have to put the needs of the many.

It sounds really mean but it’s just the reality of the situation.  I assure you that it absolutely kills me that my family can’t be together.

However, I have to take comfort in the fact that Gavin does better at his grandparents house because there aren’t the same expectations there.  Lizze and the boys do much better without him in our house because they aren’t exposed to his frequent violent outbursts.

It’s an ugly truth but a necessary evil. 

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I’m grateful that most people don’t know what this is like. 

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