Getting my boys to eat their vegetables -

Getting my boys to eat their vegetables

I am thrilled to death that I have managed to get Emmett to eat vegetables that he would never touch otherwise.

I’ve managed to pull this off with my world famous Chicken Noodle Secret Soup.

I make this soup from scratch and Emmett absolutely loves it.  Inside this seemingly normal soup contains,  tons and tons of veggies.

This batch contains the following:

Bock Choy
Dandelion Greens
2 whole red onions

Emmett doesn’t even notice because you can’t actually see them.  I liquefied all the veggies and added it to the soup. 

This works out very well and I’m so stoked that Emmett is so excited about this soup. 

How do you manage to get your little ones to eat their vegetables?


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Chili is a great way to hide veggies as well.  You can also hide some in ground hamburger-hamburger, meatloaf, etc
I like the idea of the breads as well.  Oh what about pancakes??? I wonder if you could do something with those?
Good luck!
Kim (who does not eat veggies LOL)


I battle this costa fly with my Cameron. whe he was a baby, he ate everything. He loved sweet potatoes and green beans, in fact. He also loved fruits as a baby, but as we moved him to table foods from baby food, he ended up eating meat and bread and has been that way pretty much till now. I do have 1dish that has veggies that he will eat. Chicken quinoa with veggies…. Te downside, the only place i can find this toddler meal is Target, and they are 3 bucks a meal..
It is kind of odd too since he won’t touch casseroles or noodle dishes…. He doesn’t do soups at this point, mainly because he is somewhere between eating independently and wanting to self feed, and utensil usage. I will stash this wonderful recipe away to try with him as his skills increase.
Oh, one thing I can bury veggies into…. Zuchinni and/or pumpkin bread and muffins…. I can even get some flax seeds and cauliflower in it!


@sheridyer2 that’s a great idea. I need to venture into baking as well. Thanks for sharing.

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