The Lighter side of #Autism: Snug as a bug -

The Lighter side of #Autism: Snug as a bug

As with any child with #Autism or any child period, for that matter,  Emmett had a pretty up and down day.

There were periods of time where all he did was scream and scream some more. There were other times that he was exceptionally happy and enjoying the moment we were in. 

That’s pretty much par for the course, as far as Emmett’s concerned lately. 

This morning he was really tired but refused to go upstairs and take a nap. So Lizze laid down for a little while and I set up Emmett on the couch and put on Spiderman Unlimited, his current favorite show on Netflix.

He didn’t even make it through the opening theme song before he was out. 

He went from screaming and meltdowns to peacefully asleep, snuggled with his Bella.

This is the lighter side of #Autism….  🙂


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