How do your kids get along?

Today began at about 4am,  when Emmett first awoke.  From there things went down hill pretty quickly.

Elliott and Emmett have been at each others throats all morning.

What is it with these two?

Emmett has this need to take everything that Elliott happens to be playing with… Elliott in turn, freaks out and sometimes even fights back.

This is not a good way to begin the weekend.

I much prefer things when they are actually getting along.  I know they are capable of it.

How do your kids get along??

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I laughed when I saw this question because, well, my kids just don’t get along. My oldest one is a natural born leader and the more research on the spectrum that I do, I wonder if she is not aspie. She is also a sensory seeker so she is always up in your face and loud if she is not laying on top of you. Mind you she is 5’5″ and 160 lbs at 12 years old. My second kiddo is dx aspie and she hates being touched. When someone walks by her and she is stressed or on the verge of overstimulation the whoosh of air will set her off and she claims that the person walking by hit her. What am I supposed to do with that when I clearly saw that nothing happened. Then she is yelling at me telling me I don’t trust her or love her. My third kiddo loves to push everyones buttons and is quite skilled at playing this little game. On the rare occasion she gets along with her older sister the first mistake she makes sets her sis off and the fighting ensues. My son and my youngest daughter get along the best. The only thing they fight over is ME! When my son gets angry though watch out. He is one strong little kiddo and he hits kicks punches and screams. We are still on the fence about what his issues are if any and how much of his behavior is learned or him. Most days I cannot wait for bedtime to roll around just so I can decompress.