Are you having a problem with @LiveFyre on my site?

I concerned that my readers are having problems with the LiveFyre commenting system I’m using on this site. I feel that LiveFrye is far and away the best commenting system available. Livefyre-icon

However, it doesn’t really matter what I think, if my readers can’t utilize the system.

The reason I’m asking is because I know for sure that some of you are, or at least were, having problems. These seemed to be most prevalent when using an iOS device (iPad, iPhone etc).

I’ve noticed that my comments have significantly decreased recently. If ya’ll have nothing to say, that perfectly okay. However, if you do have something to say but can’t get the commenting system to work right, that’s not okay.

Please let me know if the commenting system is working for you by simply leaving a comment below.

If you are unable to leave a comment could you please take a second and either send me a tweet or an email by clicking here.

I really appreciate your help as I work through yet another growing pain. 🙂

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Centrifugal Pumps

I have already bookmarked your blog for future references.The article was really great and that smart phone was very good looking.


.. I experience slow posting on comments..


, It has always been extremely difficult to post anything on your Site. I usually just give up.


Thanks for coming back. Its all fixed now. 🙂


It seems that most of the issues are isolated to the iOS platform. Does this sound right?

Jodi p

I have trouble posting comments from my iPhone.
I cannot click on post commet
But I can reply to someone’s comment. Just not start my own.


@Jodi p  @lostandtired @LFJeremy @Dhara Mistry This seems to be the main issue. I’ve actually experienced this myself and haven’t found a workaround for it. the problem seems to be mainly iOS devices and the symptom is that the user cannot actually submit the post. The post comment button doesn’t work, however, you can reply to anothers comment without a problem.


Test post from the ipad

Mary Franzen Costello

Been having issues on my ipad

Dhara Mistry



@Dhara Mistry Thank you….. DId you delete the last one or did is just disappear?


@Dhara Mistry I only ask cause I watched it disappear.

Dhara Mistry

@lostandtired Hey Rob, I deleted the last one. You can check the status of the comment in your Livefyre Admin Panel. WOuld you mind sharing the exact details of the issues your readers are having leaving comments? We’ll be happy to look deeper in to this for you. You can even forward the emails sent by your readers to, and we’ll be sure to take it from there.


@Dhara Mistry Thanks. If you look a few comments down, someone posted a screen shot of one of their issues.

Dhara Mistry

@lostandtired I tried to replicate the issue that  @OnyxPanthyr mentions and I’m unable to do so, Robb. Is there anything in particular I should be looking at in the screenshot? May be I’m missing something?
Have you tried turning Clouldflare off and check if some of these issues were resolved? There are some JS conflicts between Cloudflare and Livefyre- We’ve found that the Rocket Script (Cloudflare technology) basically mangles our JavaScript causing JS errors on your end. You can turn off the Rocket loader by going to CloudFlare settings (Performance Settings)>Rocket Loader>Toggle Off. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to turn Cloudflare off altogether. 
We’re working with the Cloudflare team to resolve these conflicts, so you can have the best of both. Thank you much for your patience in the meantime!

Dhara Mistry

a test comment for Rob!


With the new format of the site, I have to right click on the stories on the main page to open them in new tabs since I can’t read it fully page by page now (I like this in the sense that I can see more stories on one page, but not that I have more tabs open.)  Anyway, I right clicked and opened this post in a new tab today and at first I got a Cloudflare Site Unavailable page with there being no cached version.  I refreshed after a minute or so and got the post page.  When I went to post, Livefyre wasn’t recognizing me as signed in.  None of the buttons would work for me either.  I waited a few minutes and refreshed the page and it’s showing me as signed in now, hence me able to comment.


@OnyxPanthyr Thanks for the feedback. Regardless of the format, you would still have to click on the comment button to leave a comment. However, I understand what you’re saying. I was on the phone with BlueHost again yesterday about that very same problem. 
I also think that CloudFlare and LiveFyre don’t play well together. The problem is that because of the number of readers, CloudFlare is helping to address the server issues I was having. 
It just never ends 🙂


@lostandtired I’ve also noticed that in the main posts themselves, it looks like parts of the beginnings of some paragraphs are missing.  Sometimes they come back after a refresh, sometimes after several.  I was just reminded of this because it’s occurring with your comment here (your full comment shows fine in the email notification though).  I was able to see the full text of your comment above for a few seconds, then it disappeared. When I refresh, I see it again before it goes poof.screenshot: luck resolving.  🙂  Have a good weekend!


@OnyxPanthyr Thanks that really helps. 🙂


@OnyxPanthyr @LFJeremy This is a great example of what my readers are seeing. COmplete with a screen shot.


@KathyKohlBuehler @LFJeremy Nan livefyremeg 
Thanks for the information. Do you mind providing a bit of detail about what happens. I have LiveFyre checking out this discussion. I really want to get this fixed. I suspect it has to do with CloudFlare and I’ve already addressed what we thought was the problem. I really appreciate your time and feedback. 🙂


Quick test for Rob


I’ve tried to comment several times in the past couple of weeks and this is the first time it’s worked – assuming it works this time of course!    😉


Yes, i do not know why, but commenting doesn’t work consistently…and I always have alot to say!