I totally hit a brick wall this morning

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Mr. Emmett had a rough morning. He didn’t want to go to school because he said his tummy hurt. It’s so heartbreaking for me as a parent because I just want to snuggle him all day and make him feel better but that isn’t always the right thing to do. 

Majority of the time, Emmett’s tummy aches are emotional, meaning he’s upset about something. 

He did go off to school with a beautiful smile on his handsome little face. 

The title states that I hit a brick wall and I did, just a figurative one.

I got my workout in this morning and came home to work. I did accomplish a little of what I needed to but all of a sudden, it was like I had driven into a brick wall of exhaustion. 

Moving around didn’t help so I surrendered to my bodies demands of taking a nap and now feel tons better. 

I’ve got a lot on both my mind and my plate. Quality rest is something that continues to elude me on a daily basis, so when I hit a wall, I try and listen to what my body’s telling. 

When the two yo gust are at school, it’s really my only chance to work or catch up on some much needed rest. 

If I didn’t do that, then the boys would come home to me being an even bigger hot mess than I already am… lol

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