Flu shots this weekend -

Flu shots this weekend

Elliott woke up this morning going with a fever.  It’s a low grade one but it’s enough to require him to stay home. He seems fine and is otherwise asymptomatic.

However, a fever is a fever and he can’t go to school.

The other thing is that the boys are getting their flu vaccines in the morning and Elliott will need to checked out before getting his, to make sure he’s not sick.

Fevers, especially low grade ones, can come and go for no reason at all.

Schools have a policy about this and even if their feeling fine, they are required to stay home, just to be sure.  These are cases where it’s more of a technicality than anything else.

Anyway, he seems fine and issues feeling well enough to fight with Emmett.

I really hope that we can go through with the flu vaccine because the flu is really, really bad this year and I don’t want anything to happen to them, if it could be prevented.

Our pediatrician is very conservative and won’t vaccinate if he has any concerns.

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