What do you love most about your child with #Autism? -

What do you love most about your child with #Autism?

As a way of spreading #Autism


Awareness, I thought it would be neat to share some of the things we love most about our kids on the #autism spectrum. I feel that we need to approach awareness in a different way. A less clinical and more personal way. To do this, I thought we could start out by simply sharing what we love most about our kids. It could be anything. Let’s begin by focusing on a few positives and then we can move into others down the road. πŸ™‚ I’m very happy to go first. One of the things I love most about my kids with #Autism is their ability to show compassion. They don’t always understand the how’s and why’s but they can feel when something is wrong or someone is hurting. They offer compassion in the form of a huge or placing their hand on my face. It really is amazing. Now it’s your turn. πŸ™‚

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My favorite thing is her uncontrollable laughing when she is playing games or watching the t.v. You have no choice but to join in


My sons old man personality. Watching him play Bunker Hill and teaching other kids history.:)


That\’s awesome πŸ™‚

Antonio Sr.

I'm gonna go with a simple one…I love how at Halloween, Antonio can walk up to the scariest house and get candy, no matter what jumps out at him. I think that's more a feature though. When other kids are shaking in their boots, he's right up front. If he see's I'm able to do something, he usually takes it on faith that he can too, and tries (with some coaxing)….He turned 5 in Oct……..He's completely without guile, can't speak a full sentence to save his life…..I like that he's brought me and my wife closer in a way not many people in love can or will ever be able to understand, to so completely devote ourselves to a common cause…….and i love that I've been chosen to be his champion.


Wow. Awesome is all I can say. Just awesome. πŸ™‚

Kate schwartz

Michael has a keen sense of observation. It is neat to see things through his eyes, when he points out something small that I missed.


That\’s really cool. Thank you for sharing.


Abbi has a wonderful sense of humor, and she is also very snuggly and loving.




While not diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum yet his primary care doctor strongly suspects our almost 3 year old has high functioning autism. We see a developmental pediatrician for the first time in February. I love that my son is so cuddly and affectionate with me. His OT says a lot of him wanting to cuddle close is his sensory seeking and need for deep pressure but I feel like when he gives me a kiss and says "love you mama" it's because he's a sweetheart.
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Ironically, a lot of people who don't know anything about autism believe that autistic individuals are incapable of showing compassion. I've had more than one person suggest that maybe I was misdiagnosed, because they have observed my compassion for others and think that's uncharacteristic of autism. Sad. We're not psychopaths.

Monica Mowdy

Today my son had another friend go down with a seizure. My 13 year old son with autism ran, got help stayed with the boy (he out ran the adult help) patting his hand saying, "It will be ok buddy, help is in the way." That's compassion! I wish more people saw the real kids with autism.


One of the things I love best about my daughter, ChrissyJoy, is that regardless of what goes wrong in her day or how many meltdowns she may have, at the end of the day…she loves unconditionally. I tell her Jesus loves her and that I love her, she's happy. It's good enough for her and it's good enough for me when she puts her hands on my cheeks, makes that precious moment of eye contact and tells me "Mommy, I love you".


My nephew Gareth (12) isautistic. I love his angelic singing voice – he has perfect pitch like his mother. He loves water and it is such a joy to watch him splash around in the swimming pool or the sea. He is also very affectionate towards both sets of grandparents. We are blessed to have him in our lives.

Lisa DeSherlia

What I love about my beautiful, precious daughter is that she is so refreshingly innocent, unfiltered and childlike (not childish). She is a fun girl and she is smart. She maintains a pretty good grade point average in school. She is a treasure. We are proud of her and she totally rocks!
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Well of course I love everything there is about my boys but what I love most is their innocence, and their heart of gold.

Monica Mowdy

What I love most about my child is how he is perfectly confortable being different from his peers. He embraces it. If only most people would be as happy with who they are instead of trying to be someone else.


Cameron is very loving. He shows me every day. He loves his little brother and will do things with him that he refuses to do with anyone else. He is a huge cuddle bug, and will nuzzle against my husband and me. He wants to help us do whatever we happen to be doing, and is frequently our shadows. He shows us that he loves us rather than tells us, but that is ok…. we know it in our hearts, and we live with his love every day.

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