The love/hate relationship with stickers

The love/hate relationship with stickers

I was thinking today and I realized something. Emmett both loves and hates stickers, all at the same time. I know that probably sounds weird.

Emmett absolutely loves to get stickers and stick then to anything he can, including his entire body. 


At the same time, if there is a sticker on something and he didn’t put it there, it’s not tolerated……at all. He compulsively has to remove any and all stickers or labels from any food items. 

Yesterday, he had a thing of TicTacs. The first thing he had to do was remove the stickers/labels from the container. He also can’t stand labels on bottles of water of pop.  For example, if Lizze has a bottle of Coke (the drink not the powder), as soon as she’s not looking, he peels the red label of the plastic bottle. 

Right now it’s cute and endearing. I can imagine that as he gets older, people might find it irritating that he has to peel the labels off of their stuff. 

Maybe it’s just a phase.  Perhaps a sensory thing?

It just strikes me as a bit odd, that’s all.  I was wondering if any of you have either seen this in yourself or your child?

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It creates a seam, it's not smooth, it doesn't feel like part of the whole. It's like a speck of dirt on your foot or hand, you want to brush it off. And once it's removed so must the glue, especially if it sticks out. When I was growing up I could only handle stickers if they went on something that was designated for them, like artwork. Got better as older but I still open all movies. Those stickers still drive me nuts! Even if I plan on throwing the package away later…Oh, stickers on books have to be removed as well. It interrupts my enjoyment of reading if I feel them when reading. Throws me off. The texture is different from the rest…I'm rambling. 🙂


Thanks for your insight. I really appreciate it.

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