This week keeps getting better and better :-( -

This week keeps getting better and better :-(

This week just keeps getting better and better.

By the way, that was complete and total sarcasm. 

You may recall that I have been having some issues with PNC bank after they allowed a check for $1,200 to clear one of my accounts that only had a $2 balance.  Instead of bouncing the check back, like they should have,  they allowed it to clear my account even though I opted out of overdraft protection. 

The company that cashed the check, tried to fix the mistake by agreeing to rip the check up as soon as it bounced back. 

The problem is,  the bank refused to bounce the check back.  Likely because it benefited them to let it clear, especially considering the amount of fees I suffered as a result.  A few days later my direct deposit hit for about the same amount as my negative balance.  Now I was out $2,400 because the deposit canceled out the negative balance. 

I filed an official complaint and was supposed to hear back within a few days.  I was never contacted.

I also noticed today that the bank has been moving funds around between my accounts that have resulted in overdrafts in other accounts now. 

I discovered this when I was trying to put gas in the van so I could take the boys to therapy.  I’m now locked out of all my accounts and couldn’t put gas into our empty tank.  I’m waiting to hear back from the branch manager.  This has gotten completely out of control and now we are dead in the water, literally.

This has created a great deal more work for a family that is already on the verge of collapse. I’m on the banks time table now and they don’t care that this is causing me to have to cancel appointments for my boys because I simply can’t get there. 

I need them to fix the mistake and get me my money back. 

On the positive side,  I got an email from Turbo Tax letting me know that the IRS has approved my tax return about a week early. 

My return  is still about 2 weeks out though. 

This is going to be a really, really long week. I’m gonna have to pull a rabit out of my hat on this one.  Problem is, I can’t do magic. 

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Onyx Panthyr

I hate banks. If you have them in your area, look into a credit union if you can. Never been happier with mine.


Bank problems are the worst! I banked with PNC in the past. In my case, I had paid a CC payment via check over the phone and for whatever reason a deposit didn't go through but in my instance, they went ahead and bounced it and my CC cancelled me because of it! If you're able I would recommend looking for a local bank and avoid the big ones. I hope this gets resolved quickly for you guys!

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