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My grandmother, God love her, bought the kids sure subscriptions to Highlights. Do you remember Highlights? I used to love Highlights and they always helped me pass the time while waiting at the doctors office.

Highlights was one of the coolest magazine ever and now my kids get to have the same experience.

Apparently, now there is a Highlights for different age groups as well. Lizze spent some time this afternoon reading with Emmett. I haven’t heard him giggle like that in a few days. He loved the hidden pictures and was able to find most of them on his own.

Thanks Grandma….. You sure know how to pick’em. 🙂

Now I just need to find out if they cater to 34 years olds. 🙂


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Onyx Panthyr

Highlights!! One of my favorite parts I couldn't wait for every issue was the Hidden Pictures. Please tell me they still have those! 😀 Btw, do you remember Cricket magazine? (I wonder if that's still around…)

Onyx Panthyr

Edit: Just saw that you wrote they do still have Hidden Pictures. 🙂 Also, googled Cricket and they're still around, as well as Ranger Rick (as mom just reminded me!). Nostalgia!


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