Why a nap is so important for my son with #Autism

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I love it when things just work out.  It rarely happens, so when it does, it’s cause for celebration.  This is Emmett taking a nap, during the day.

He hardly ever naps anymore.  However, he did this time and I think it really helps him.

Emmett is dealing with many sensory processing challenges and he gets overwhelmed by them quite often. He really does his best to cope but he’s only 4 years old and that’s a whole lot to try and cope with.

When he takes a nap, it’s like he gets a break from the sensory onslaught and can kinda regroup.

Autism is a complicated state of being and it can be woven into every aspect of his life.  He needs these little breaks during the day to recharge his little batteries and give himself a break. 

If only he would do this more often.  🙂


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@reality_autism this is soo true my little one is 3no naps anymore 🙁 but the random days he does; he seem calmer



Alana Terry

I’m sure naptime is a wonderful thing for Dad as well, not just for Emmett! Here’s to lots more naps in your immediate future! Alana Terry (boynamedsilas.blogspot.com)