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Just got home from the doctors with Elliott. Considering how anxious Elliott was, he did very, very well. Thankfully, Elliott didn’t have an ear infection but he did have some buildup that needed cleaned out.

His lungs are clear right now but he has a pretty nasty sinus infection. 

Our doctor o lay uses antibiotics when needed and apparently it’s needed. We also got a script for prednisone, in case his breathing becomes a problem.

Outside of that, we’re better off keeping Elliott home for another day or so, which takes us right into the 4 day weekend. Needless to say, it’s going to be a really long week. I already called the school and we will be forwarding the letter to them.

The key to our success today with this was simple distraction and redirection.

I tried to keep his mind busy on other things.  Plus I was acting a bit goofy and was able to make him crack a smile and even giggle. 🙂


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