My “Dear John Letter” to Windows 8

I really tried to like Windows 8.  This is the first Windows release that I didn’t work on as a technical tester for Microsoft. 

Windows 8 is just not user friendly, especially on a non-touch device.  Perhaps I would have a different opinion if I had a Surface Pro but I don’t.  Windows 8 just makes my computer to cumbersome. 

I’ve decided to break up with Windows 8 and get back together with my old flame, Windows 7. 🙂


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  • OnyxPanthyr says:

    Win 7 is actually a really nice follow up to Xp (I skipped the awfulness that was Vista).  You couldn’t pay me to switch to 8….  Have you noticed every other version of Win just sucks?  *lol*

  • Robert Wm Ruedisueli says:

    You should try Linux. It’s far more user-friendly than it used to be. (Probably more user-friendly than Windows now.) It’s easy to use and doesn’t crash. Best of all, it runs efficiently even on older systems.

  • Randall Ric says:

    I hated windows 8 because it is a Tablet GUI and a PC GUI.