Let's talk #Autism facts -

Let’s talk #Autism facts

I wanted to compile a list of #Autism facts as you see them, through your eyes. We all know what the doctors say.  We all know what the big autism organizations say.  However, in my opinion, we need to hear what the people in the trenches have to say. 


We need to listen to the parents as well as teenage and adult autistics that have been trying to speak but no one ever listens to.

The way I see it, if we work together to provide a comprehensive list of the did you knows  about autism that reflects our individual or personal experience, we could help people to have a better idea of what Autism actually is.

Please share at least one autism related fact or something about autism from your personal experience in the comments below. 

Structure is something like this:

Did you know that Autism is different for each person  affected.

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For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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