Does your child have a nickname?

I was wondering if you have any nicknames or petnames for your kids? If so, how did you come up with it?

In  our case, Gavin’s nickname was squishy fishy. That came about because of Finding Nemo. I don’t remember exactly why, but that’s where it came from.


Elliott has always been called Doodle Bug. I can’t recall why that got started.  Hello parenting fail.  I should probably remember things like that.

Emmett on the other hand is a different story.  Until yesterday,  he was called Pickle.  That came out of nowhere. Emmett walked up to Lizze one day and said that from now on, we should call him Pickle.  We were like, okay Emmett. Since he’s been wearing his glasses, he looks like a Professor.  So now we’ve been calling him Professor Pickle.

He hasn’t quite taken to it yet and still prefers to be call Pickle.  We’ll see how that goes. 

Nicknames are cute and fun if done in a kind and loving way.  They also tend to fit the person’s personality.

Do you have any nicknames for your kids? How did the nickname come about?

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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My Ryan is usually Ry-ry however we now have a nephew named riley who has also be dubbed that nickname…so a customer of ours came into our diesel shop and Ryan was talking to him and apparently said more than he should have and the customer laughed and said he was a Snitch…so that now is his nickname…Snitch…that customer however is now one of our best customers and always makes time to talk to Snitch!


erinsgems  that’s funny 


Jelly Bean.  He was 5 lbs 2 oz at birth and so little and sweet we called him our Jelly Bean. His name is Grayson so sometimes we call him Gray-Gray or just Gray. At almost 3, jelly bean doesn’t fit as well since he is growing up

Marianne Sandling

My son, L.S. (yes, he prefers to go by his initials, like his grandfather… lol) his nickname is Schwoom.  When he was a little baby, I’d hold him in my arms, and in a sing-songy voice, I’d say “Schwoom-Schwoom”  (I have NO idea where it came from… it just happened.  Then, after months of it, one day his father said, “That’s his nickname.  Schwoom-Schwoom”  We’ve shortened it to Schwoom, but it’s stuck.   Of recent, he’s taken on a second nickname, Prime, which we use at parks and stuff, since he doesn’t want us calling him Schwoom in public.  Prime, of course, is from Transformers, his favorite (right now). 
I love Professor Pickle!! 🙂


@Marianne Sandling thanks. That’s a great story. 🙂


My daughter’s name is Amanda, and she’s gone through so many over the years, it’s crazy.  When she was a baby she was Amanda Panda.  Somewhere along the way she also got “Monkey Doodle”, “Munchkin”, “Booger”, “Boog”, and “Boo Boo”.  LOL, amazingly enough the one thing she never was, was Mandy.  She’s 18 now, and one thing that stuck, is Boog or Boo Boo, and whatever I call her she calls me back with an M.  (Hey Boog…. Hey Moog)   Can’t explain that one, it’s just our weirdness. 🙂  And I remarried 10 years ago, and my husband took to calling her Amanda Lou (which isn’t her middle name) and over the years it’s just Lou now.  So I call her Boog.  He calls her Lou.


@sharlalovelace awesome


My sons name is Rowan and we use to sing Row, row row your boat to him all the time, so we started calling him Ro-ro, but I’d call it more a pet name than a nick name because we don’t use it all the time.


Chase is non-verbal mostly, but we did figure out some of his babbling was calling himself “Chase-y”, so everyone calls him that now:)  My son Everett was “Rett” pretty early on but his 2 yr older sister called him “Ratt” a lot, and he accepted that for a while;)  When Jacob became aware of nicknames, he wanted one, but he didn’t like “Jake”.  We are Houston Texans fans and Jacoby Jones was hot, so he tried “Jacoby”, but it just wasn’t working.  The 5 of us were trying to use it and he was trying to introduce himself that way but he always forgot and we had to accept “Jacoby” was wrong for him.  One day  I told him about the family tradition of grandfathers naming grandsons in his dad’s family.  His name would have been Anthony Jacob if his mom had allowed it, but she gave him her maiden name and  refused to follow the tradition when he was born.  I said he could try “AJ” out and see if it worked for him.  Again, we struggled to stop calling him “Jacob” and make the switch! 🙂  But we stuck it out and he moved to a new school and told his new teacher his name was “AJ” and now he is “AJ” to all of his family and friends, even though we all respect his name is Jacob and that will never change, Just like I will always be “Kathryn”, even though everyone but my parents and their friends calls me “Katy”.  My swim coach when I was 15 said he couldn’t yell “Kathryn” across the pool loud enough to get my attention, so he changed my name to “Katy” and got my attention every time in a race!  But most of the time I call my babies (18, 17, 15, and 10) “my angels” trying to encourage angel-like behavior;)


@katykate I like that


Alex is “The Boy”. Homer Simpson always referred to Bart as that, and we just fell into it.
Nick is “Buggles” (nobody remembers why), or “Short Round” because he used to love Indiana Jones.
Michaela is “Katie-bug”, which has morphed into “Bug-Girl” or “Bug”, as one of her favourite episodes of The Backyardigans has her favourite character working as a superhero called Bug-Girl. We also call her “Missy” or “Short Stack”.
Alternately, we refer to the 3 of them as “Small”, Medium”, and “2XL” due to their respective sizes.


@Jenn50 I had a really good friend in grade school that we called Bug. 🙂
You just sparked a pleasant memory. Thank you:-)