A few things I did right today

A few things I did right today

Rather than focus on what didn’t go right today or the things I failed to accomplish, I thought maybe I could talk about a few of the things I did right..

For starters, I dragged myself out of bed this morning and while I was exhausted I had a good attitude.  ☺


I managed to get Emmett’s shoes on in a way he found acceptable and did so on my first try. 

The tooth fairy forgot to show up for Elliott last night and I was able to pull off a special delivery so the tooth fairy was able to save face with my middle minion.  😉

Emmett made it to physical therapy on time and I remembered to bring Elliott’s tablet so he was able to entertain himself instead of distracting Emmett. 

I was able to keep Gavin moving today and helped him manage his leg pain from his IVIG infusion Monday. 

While I couldn’t prevent them from happening,  I helped both Elliott and Emmett snuggle their way through several meltdowns after school and before bed. 

I even made the time to lay down with both of the E’s so they felt comfortable falling asleep.  I’m particularly happy with that one. 

When I look at my day like in this way, I feel pretty darn good. 

I would like to ask that when you think about your day,  try to keep things in perspective.. 

No one’s perfect, least of all me but there are a great many things I do right and if I didn’t focus on them,  they’d never see the light of day. 

Try thinking about what you did right today. .  ☺

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