The day full of meltdowns

The day full of meltdowns

Today has absolutely been an off day.  Emmett has melted down countless times already and for seemingly no reason.  I mean I know there is probably a reason, I just don’t know ow what it is. 

One meltdown occurred as a result of him dropping a fruit snack on the floor.  That’s all it took to trigger a 30 minute meltdown.

It’s been rough for him and it’s been rough for me.  Lizze is incapacitated today once again,  so I’m basically on my own. 

The sudden changes in weather have caused a massive fibro flare up, rendering her literally unable to move around much at all. She’s is so much pain and there isn’t anything we can do to help her.  For that matter, the fact that something is wrong with Mommy may be stressing him out.

I have to say though that the screaming is starting to get to me. 

It’s vital right now that I work and get some writing, reviews and giveaway stuff done. I have to get some things into play before my last paycheck comes in from our now defunct business, or things are going to get pretty bad.

I’m so hyperfocused on pulling my family through this time of change but I keep getting pulled away to manage everything else that’s going on. It’s incredibly frustrating and it honestly makes me really nervous because I feel this sense of time running out

Anyway, I’m hoping that when  Elliott gets home, the two of them will be able to get along for a little while and I can get some work done before I have to stop and make dinner. 

Nothing in life comes easy but nothing worth having ever is……

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Could he have OCD or say a inner voice that “tells him he has to do things perfectly ,or does he have a thing about germs? just a thought, as for the screaming , when our sons got to a certain age , (around 4 ) we couldn’t stop them from screaming but there are rules, not outside,(our neighbors don’t wanna hear you, ) your not hurt, just meltdown ,or not hurting your self, not in my presence , i don’t entertain and nor do i pay attention to tantrums . Go to your your room or what ever ,But get out of my face. Will not waste my time , or my attention ,on nothing .  I have on occasion ,when it is NOTHING , I have yelled back , and say Do you like this,is this fun,nice,enjoyable ? No ,well it is not when you do it , Do I ,Daddy ,Mommy etc go around yelling making everyone misrable? No we don’t (and we do not cuss or yell at each other,or the kids ) We give respect ,we ask for respect from others . ;All kids even special needs ones need to know that you must act and be respectful . Good Luck it takes time ,but they stop yelling so much when they don’t get attention for it, (and the rule is if you threaten to hurt yourself or someones else ,your out of here, at the hospital ) only took once and that was NEVER mentioned again by any of the 4 .  Hang in there, it does get better ,  Gloria

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