#Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Teething

#Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Teething

Last night we made an amazingly scary discovery.  Emmett is teething.  He has 2 molars coming in right now and he is miserable. 

As a parent, I hate when this happens because not only is help in pain, but he’s experiencing it more intensely because of the way his brain interprets pain and other sensory input.


The other, more human side of me hates this because Emmett is going to be a nightmare to deal with for awhile.  Sure, that’s probably selfish, to an extent but as I said, I’m human.

Whoever wrote the rule book for what a special needs child needs to live through should probably be dragged out back and shot, old west style. I feel like our kids have enough on their plate and adding pain to the mix just doesn’t seem fair. 

Anyway, I’m thrilled to death at today’s outlook, in light of our newest discovery.  Not really. 

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