IVIG Infusion -

IVIG Infusion

Gavin is currently getting prepped for his monthly IVIG infusion.  This infusion addressing his severely compromised immune system.  He’s currently in the second year of infusions and for the most part, is doing


very well with them. 

Since the infusions,  he hasn’t suffered any major acute illnesses, despite his overall health issues.

Hopefully, today’s infusion will go well and his body can once again tolerate the infusion.

Please keep him your thoughts today.  🙂

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Aside from the other medical complexities, just wanted you to know we do the needles, three very small ones, in our sons thigh cause the belly concept freaked him out. They give us numbing cream but he hates that more than the needle poke. we do it once a week and it takes about 2hours. Totally portable, with a little fanny pack to carry the pump. We do it w pizza and a Movie and he looks forward to it…weird kid. We r even going to take it w us to Disney this summer. Wonder what kind of movie we will watch there? Still thinking of you guys tonight. Hope all is improving.


How come you guys dont get to do at home Infusions? What’s he get? We used to use hyzentra but now we use gamunexC.


@MaryFranzenCostello we actually could. The problem is his health but it also requires much more time. I think they said if we do the pump at home, it’s needs to be done twice a week and the needle goes right into his belly.
I’m not thinking that would go over too well. 🙂
It is an option that we keep open though.


@MaryFranzenCostello that was a good question though. 🙂

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